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Digital Forensic Certifications
Training Courses
  Computer Forensics Core Competencies
5 Day
  Computer Forensics for Attorneys 1 Day
  Packet Analysis and Intrusion Detection 5 Day
  Computer Forensics Fundamentals 1 Day
  Windows Forensics Essentials 2 Day
  Litigation Support / Expert Witness
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  The "Tools Proven in Court" Question
  Getting Started In Information Security / Digital Forensics
  What Is Computer Forensics?




Attorneys/Law Firms
We can help you develop discovery requests, motions and subpoenas to assure that all possible relevant sources of information are acquired - we often find evidence that others do not. Our expert witness services are unparalleled. We can defend the work we perform and the opinions we render.
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We will work closely with you to meet whatever needs your organization has. Our services are reasonably priced and will not break the bank. Government entities receive a discount off of our already reasonably priced services.
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Deciding whether or not your situation calls for the services of an expert can be confusing. Please feel free to email or call us for an initial no-cost consultation. You'll be dealing with some of the most qualified experts you'll find.

Whether your situation deals with Internet stalking, divorce/custody issues where digital evidence is involved, recovering encrypted and/or deleted emails, cracking passwords (we can crack what the competition cannot), removal of viruses and other forms of malware or recovering deleted data, we can help.
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Computer Forensics Core Competencies

In our flagship course, you'll learn what every competent forensic examiner needs to know in order to properly acquire, interpret, and report findings related to digital evidence. Learn from those that do.
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Computer Forensics For Attorneys
"What Every Attorney Should Know About Computer Forensics"

Litigation involving matters related to Information Technology is increasing, and more of your clients' data is being stored on computer systems. It is now necessary to deal with expert technical witnesses and computer forensics experts more than ever before.

This course will enable you to communicate with your expert more efficiently and understand what they are doing as well as what they can do for you. Sample questions will be covered that you can discuss with your expert and use during cross-examination.
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CyberSecurity Forensic Analyst (CSFA)™
This certification is proof that the analyst can conduct a thorough and sound forensic examination of a computer system, properly interpret the evidence, and communicate the results effectively and understandably. Testing scenarios are based on actual cases.
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