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Your Instructor makes the difference. Meet ours and then compare with the competition.
Dunn and Bradstreet Excellence Rating

Dunn and Bradsreet surveyed our clients to see if our delivery times, cost estimates, service quality and professionalism met their expectations. Here are the results of the latest survey for CyberSecurity Institute, D-U-N-S Number 13-991-2971. Our overall rating is 97 out of a possible 100.

RELIABILITY 98 out of 100 possible How reliably do you think this company follows through on its commitments?
COST 98 out of 100 possible How closely did your final total costs correspond to your expectations at the beginning of the transaction?
ORDER ACCURACY 96 out of 100 possible How well do you think the product/service delivered matched your order specifications and quantity?
DELIVERY/TIMELINESS 98 out of 100 possible How satisfied do you feel about the timeliness of the product/service delivery?
QUALITY 98 out of 100 possible How satisfied do you feel about the quality of the product/service provided by this company?
BUSINESS RELATIONS 98 out of 100 possible How easy do you think this company is to do business with?
PERSONNEL 99 out of 100 possible How satisfied do you feel about the attitude, courtesy, and professionalism of this company's staff?
CUSTOMER SUPPORT 98 out of 100 possible How satisfied do you feel about the customer support you received from this company?
RESPONSIVENESS: 98 out of 100 possible How responsive do you think this company was to information requests, issues, or problems that arose in the course of the transaction?

When you are ready to learn what you need to know to become an expert and conduct digital forensic examinations in the real world, take your training from two experts that live and breathe digital forensics - Steve and Mike. Truly the best classes I have ever attended. My only regret is that I didn't take the training from them sooner. No fluff, filler, or extraneous material, just hard-hitting nuts and bolts of the profession. Gladly would have paid triple the price. Ryan Emerson - Digital Forensic Examiner

After attending a free seminar given by Steve Hailey (CSI President), I relocated my family from the state of Arkansas to Washington state in order to take classes from him. Clint Lercher - CSFA

I was really happy with your instant response, which I badly needed, your quick understanding of the issue, and your technical ability to solve it immediately. Finally, you were able to communicate technical information easily for the layperson. Todd Nichols - Attorney At Law
Steve has never disappointed. He has never disappointed because he is accurate and quick. While I never have sought any particular opinion from Steve, his expertise always leads to the correct opinion. He is professional and concise and has been very instrumental and helpful in resolving very difficult and thorny cases. I would highly recommend Steve. His expertise is unparalleled. Mitch Cogdill - Attorney At Law
Prior to attending your digital forensic course, I attended a well-known class from one of your competitors. I speak for many students when I say that I learned more in the first day of your course than I did in an entire week of the other course. I wish I would have known about your course sooner. Now after many months of wasted time and money, I'm finally on the right track. The fact that you allowed me to participate in an actual case has put me years ahead of my peers. Thanks for practicing what you preach - I know I can really do this now! Allan Womac - Evidence Technician
I was watching Court TV today, the Michael Peterson case. A digital forensic expert was being questioned in regards to the computer evidence. I can say that you taught us extremely well. I was finding problems with the expert's testimony, and was picking up mistakes that he had made during his investigation. I would have done a much better job, and after seeing this today, I realize the value of your digital forensics training and why your courses are the best available, bar none. Russell Titus - IT Professional

Having just completed the Computer Forensics Class, I can tell you that it was one of the most informative, enjoyable, and thought provoking periods of training that I have taken to date. The content was priceless, the instructor, Steve Hailey was exceptional, and, his presentation was flawless and well received. Steve's knowledge of the subject, coupled with his ability to teach and hold everyone's attention, was exceptional. His course plan was well thought out and presented. The greatest compliment I can pay him is that when the end of the class day would come, I excitedly looked forward to the next.

Thank you for this opportunity. It has opened a door, and exposed me to a opportunity that combines not only my computer skills, but my past law enforcement experience. Experience that I thought would not be utilized again once I left police work. Brian

Your digital forensics training course is the best course I have ever taken. Not only did I learn how to conduct forensic investigations, I feel confident that I can actually get started working in this field. Your approach of teaching forensics by having us work on a case throughout the class is the only way to go. I can now use any software tool in my forensic investigations with confidence. The experience you related to the class from actually working in the field was invaluable, and worth many times the price of the course itself. You have enabled your students to be light years ahead of anyone else. I wish you would keep your course secret to keep my competition down - I wouldn't want to go up against anyone that had been trained by you!
Janet Holt - IT Professional

I appreciate very much, the attention to detail that was put into the computer forensics training course. The written coursework is clear and to the point - some classes I've taken elsewhere have clunky, vague and unhelpful coursework. I appreciated Steve's input to the coursework, in the classroom. The hands-on practicals in class were helpful in cementing my understanding of the techniques involved.

New to me was the aspect of legal investigation, and thinking in terms of law, procedure and courtroom conduct. I believe this is a very important aspect to include in any Forensics course, as it seems reasonable to assume that if one performs this kind of work for very long, they'll end up in a courtroom situation at some point.

In addition to new techniques and knowledge, I always come away from Steve's classes with several things: one, a sense of the interconnections in computing, and, two, that I need to evaluate my assumptions and biases before sitting down at any computer. John Weiss

Your digital forensics training class is fantastic. I thought I would have to travel far to take training of this nature as well as pay thousands of dollars more. I cannot thank you enough for creating the course and your willingness to share information above and beyond the course materials. I learned more from your course than my entire stack of forensics books and other "experts" I have talked to and taken classes from over the years. You make the classes fun, interesting, and I can tell you really care about your students. I am sticking with a winner. Dual Hershi - IT Professional

I just wanted to thank you again for your forensics class. Someone here got wind that I had some forensics training and our HR department had me do some work for them. Someone here had decided to purchase EnCase before I even took your class, so thatís what I had to use. The non-vendor related information you taught was instrumental in my being able to quickly learn the tool and produce some good results.

It was nice to be able to put to rest some of the rumors about what the computer was being used for. I was able to let HR know what the user did and didnít appear to do.

Itís nice to get my first solo run out of the way with out having to worry about court and lawyers. A couple more from HR and maybe Iíll be ready to strike out on my own :-P Steve B

A co-worker of mine and student of yours is planning to dedicate his personal time off taking training from you again - this speaks volumes of you and your courses. Just to let you know, he discovered another school at a more convenient location offering the Security Certified program at half the price. Upon further investigation, he found that the training was of inferior quality, and that the instructors lacked any real credentials or experience in the field of security. Just goes to show that you certainly do get what you pay for. Paul Rodvik - H.P. Corporate Backup Services - MCP, iNet+ CIW Associate

I have taken eight Information System technology courses from you and can't wait to take more. They have all been informative, accurate, educational, and fun. It is rare to find an instructor who is both a good teacher and a true expert in his field. Your teaching style has really sparked my interest in network/computing security. John Bell - The Boeing Company - A+, Network+, i-net+, MCIWA, MCIWD, CCNA, SCNP

I believe I speak for all of your students when I say THANKYOU for all that you do. You show a true dedication to your students and their success - a dedication I have never seen in any other instructor. As well, you add so much practical information to your classes that my notebook is just as thick as my textbook. I've noticed that your competitors are offering the courses you've been teaching since 1999. This is unfortunate. Unfortunate that the students attending these other classes have no idea what they are missing not taking classes from you. Donny Neil - The Boeing Company - CCNA

I would just like to say that you are a unique teacher. You make sure that everyone understands the material presented in your courses, and if anyone has a problem, you take the time to come in, find additional
material, or find any way possible to help out your students. I, for one, appreciate this very much, as I believe that this is an attribute all educators should have.

Also, you share your 'real world' experiences with students, which shows us what can really happen and sometimes explains things better than any book could. I look forward to taking many more classes from you, as you have proven yourself to be one of the true 'Subject Matter Experts' that the entire IT industry builds their certification criteria on. Thanks. James Gotner - Systems Support Specialist - Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center - Security Certified Network Professional, A+, Linux+, Network+, i-Net+, CIW Associate

I have taken a wide variety of computer training classes over the years. Steve Hailey's SCNP Network Security Fundamentals and Network Defense and Countermeasures classes are among the very top of them.

Steve's wealth of knowledge in all aspects of computers and networks is woven through both classes to clearly illustrate the necessity for security to be a multi-layer approach. His classes provided for a lot of hands-on experiences; none will take these classes and earn a "paper certificate."

Finally, Steve is an excellent teacher, able to effectively communicate all of the concepts clearly, very patient with his students, and honestly having the desire to be a good teacher. I will not hesitate to take additional classes from him. Richard A. Blanke - LAN Administrator - Metro King County Government

A couple years ago, I decided that my engineering skills were getting stagnant. I needed to broaden my
knowledge to become more marketable. I attended a free seminar concerning IT classes presented by Steve and enrolled in the CIW Foundations class shortly afterwards. I was instantly hooked. I have since taken all the courses in the CIW program, and the Security Certified Program. I will be taking additional security courses from Steve to prepare for my GSEC.

Why take classes through Steve versus another instructor or an on-line course? It's quite simple; you can't get the "hands on" experience by an instructor with Steve's background in network security any other way. You ask most instructors what time it is and they can tell you the time - ask Steve what time it is and he will show you how to build a watch. Charlie Marquis - The Boeing Company

I have been acquainted with Steve Hailey both as an instructor and a colleague for over seven years. As my mentor and co-worker in third level computing support, Steve introduced me to Web design and Web server operations and was instrumental in my pursuit of a Certified Internet Webmaster Instructor position.

I have been able to experience first hand Mr. Hailey's broad background in subject matter experience as well as his ability to transmit that experience to the novice. Steve helps students to unravel complex systems and terminology in examples they can understand and often this is done in a humorous fashion. His teaching style is also markedly non-judgmental: there are no bad questions just opportunities for a different explanation of the issue.

Be it web security, web design, computing infrastructure management, or programming and scripting, I have always been surprised and pleased with Steve's level of mastery on the issue. Steve heads my small personal list of computer literate people who really know how to teach. Glen Decker - The Boeing Company - Certified Internet Webmaster Certified Instructor

I came to class with no experience in the subject matter. With Steve as my Instructor, I successfully completed three courses. Steve is very knowledgeable and teaches his classes in an easy to understand manner. He really cares about his students and their success, and goes above and beyond his role as an instructor. Kami Stock - Certified Internet Webmaster

I want to thank you for such a wonderful approach towards the security classes I took recently. I believe you presented the material with a sincere interest in your students individual success. Great Job! Kathleen Baron - SCNP

Customer Satisfaction is Top Priority at CyberSecurity Institute.

The list of our great clients from the public and private sectors include:

Airborne Express
Bellevue Community College
Benton County Sheriff's Office
City of Bellevue
City of Bonney Lake
City of Federal Way
City of Lynnwood
City of Monroe
City of Oak Harbor
City of Seattle
City of Snohomish
City of Westport
Clark Community College
Clark County Sheriff's Office
Data I/O
Department of Justice
Edmonds Community College
Edmonds Police Department
Farmers Insurance
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Franciscan Health System
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Frontier Bank
Garvey Schubert Barer
Grays Harbor County
Island County Sheriff's Office
King County
King County Bar Association
Larson Berg & Perkins PLLC
Law Office of Don Clocksin
Law Offices of Cogdill Nichols Rein Wartelle
MultiCare Health System
Navigant Consulting
Ocean Shores Police Department
PCE Pacific
Pettit Oil Company
Port of Seattle
Portland Community College
Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Seattle Police Department
Shoreline Community College
Skagit County Sheriff's Office
Snohomish County Sherrif's Office
Swedish Medical Center
Technical Systems Inc.
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
United States Army
United States Coast Guard
United States Department of Justice
United States Environmental Protection Agency
United States Marine Corps
United States Navy
University of Washington
Washington State Patrol

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