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Litigation where information technology is involved in some way is increasing. In many criminal and civil cases there is usually some type of evidence related to the situation that can be discovered and/or recovered from a computing device.


Intended Audience
This course is designed for anyone interested in learning more about computer forensics/forensic computing. One does not need to be working in an information technology related field to attend.

Course Overview
Our focus for this one-of -a-kind course will be the various aspects of computer forensics, and what working in this exciting field actually entails. You'll be taken through an actual computer forensics case as seen through the eyes of an expert.

While the course will not make you a computer forensics expert, you will become conversant in computer forensics terminology and will gain an understanding of what computer forensics experts actually do. As many computer forensics cases now involve Internet technologies, we will also be discussing some items that are normally overlooked as well as misinterpreted. You'll also learn how a computer forensics expert prepares themselves to testify.

Topics Covered Will Include
Data Storage and Hard Drive Primer
Sources of Data and Evidence
Computer Forensics Procedures
Computer Forensics Experts
Preparing to Testify

Your Instructors and Hosts
Steve Hailey, President and CEO of CyberSecurity Institute -
Steve's Bio
Mike Andrew, Vice President
of CyberSecurity Institute - Mike's Bio

Course Dates and Locations
Location Snohomish County Courthouse, RM 124


Cost $175.00
To Enroll


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